5 best Canadian chefs to follow on Instagram

I've just been listed as one of the 5 best Canadian chefs to follow on Instagram by Quench Magazine. Here's what they had to say: Baker extraordinaire Anna Olson frequently gives her followers a sneak peek at her latest creations, from cakes…

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Comfort Food Memories

Before you see, touch or taste it, you will be a happier person just from smelling the delicious aromas coming out of the kitchen while someone is cooking a favourite holiday meal for you! Our sense of smell plays a vital role in the enjoyment…

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Tips for Lemon Meringue Pie Success

Lemon Meringue Pie is a favourite dessert, especially in spring, but it is also a technically challenging dessert to master. It emcompasses many elements of a baker’s repertoire: pastry, curd filling and meringue, and all have to be…

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Anna's Top Baking Tips

1. USE FRUITS IN SEASON – Whether for fruit pies, filling cakes, tarts or scones, fresh fruit in season is at its nutritional and flavor peak.  Why bake with bananas in July, when blueberries are at their best? 2. WHY BAKE WITH UNSALTED…

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1. Shortbread Secrets – Make them melt in your mouth Use unsalted butter and pure vanilla extract – you’ll taste the difference in the end result Use the top rack of the oven, so the cookies don’t brown too much on the bottom Rotate pans…

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